Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Back to School with Bigfoot (review #2), written by Samantha Berger and Martha Brockenbrough

Student Reviewer: Marti L-S.
Summary: This picture book teaches readers to check their privilege in the face of diversity. It provides an excellent window through which to mend the minds of developing readers and place a mirror up to their faces and display ignorance in their life whilst using Bigfoot as a motif for those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. The book is also designed to also be approached from the perspective of someone in as similar position of Bigfoot and offers so many examples that the character becomes almost universally related to anyone’s situation. Bigfoot is introduced as a character that struggles with the aspects of the education system and battles between the direct benefits school may provide him and the issues he may face as a result of attending school. It is astonishing that a picture book could be tailored to developing students and yet teach such complex ideals that are ever more important in today’s political climate. As for the art design, the vibrant colors contrast perfectly to keep the viewers attention throughout the picture book and does wonders for the understanding of each page as it works with the text to help the reader build an understanding.

Straight Talk for Librarians: This picture book should be tailored more to an individualistic approach instead of being presented in a classroom environment as the illustrations are extremely important to the full understanding of the picture book and every child might have a different approach. The interpretation is also a reason that an individual approach to the material should be used as the picture book heavily changes meaning depending on what the situation of the reader is and therefore would benefit from individual interpretation instead of a single, class enforced point of view. The book should still be part of a class as its message about individuality and struggle is extremely important to teach readers as it plays a large role in our society today.

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