Thursday, November 21, 2019

One Day in the Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Tree, written by Daniel Bernstorm, reviewed by Todd Erickson

Summary: The main character is a little boy with a whirly twirly toy who one day gets eaten by a snake in a eucalyptus tree. With every turn of the page, the boy convinces the snake that there's more room in his stomach and he should eat more. In rhyming cumulative fashion, the snake eats more and more, larger and larger animals until he burps up everything and winds up with a crummy tummy ache.

Straight Talk for Librarians: Reminiscent of folktale The Mitten, but with the sing-song repetition of the old lady who swallowed a fly, this rhyming story would be an worthy accompaniment to either story. This cumulative tale begs to be read aloud, and children will eagerly singalong and accompany with the repeating chorus. There are plenty of colorful, descriptive words and action verbs to help first graders expand their vocabulary. With bold pictures and lively verse, this one is sure to delight young children as a read aloud.

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