Tuesday, December 17, 2019

I Love Space, written by Allison Wortche, illustrated by Steve Mack, reviewed by Klaudia Janek

Summary: I Love Space is a second book in the series of board books that I picked up by Allison Wortche & Steve Mack. I won’t lie...I’m a big Star Trek fan, so when I see space-themed books for the little ones - I am already a fan! This book does not disappoint. The title and the stars are silver embossed. Two happy little faces are staring out at you through the window of a rocket ship. Readers will turn to the first page and will be asked if they are “ready to zoom into space?” Readers will be introduced to the sun and the eight planets that move around it. All the stars are iridescent gold embossed. Adults might expect a black background for space, but the illustrator decided to be bold and space is magenta! On the next page, we get some flaps to lift with an easy fact about each planet. The stars are now textured and glittery white. For those concerned about accuracy, poor Pluto is not considered a planet. Readers will be treated to a lot of green color as the earth is discussed. Finally, readers are introduced to asteroids and a comet. Then it is time to head home. And YES! We do Love Space. 

Straight Talk for Librarians: This is a super cute STEM board book about space. My four year old loved it and now is naming the planets from the book. This book is a good read-aloud and there is a lot of color and unexpected glittery stars to look at. This book would be perfect for a solar system book display and will appeal to the youngest of readers. They will see that there is something for them and not just for older readers. The colors are bright and bold. The faces are welcoming and the reader will love learning about space. This exciting space book might just be the first step to creating your own future Star Trek / NASA fan.

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