Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Charlotte the Scientist Finds a Cure, written by Camille Andros, reviewed by Klaudia Janek

Student Reviewer: Will M.
Summary: Charlotte is a serious scientist. Charlotte’s family is a typical bunny family that grew a little bit when her grandfather moved in. Charlotte and her grandfather were very much alike because they both liked research, experiments and solving problems. Charlotte was learning a lot about science. One day, Charlotte’s grandfather and many other forest animals became ill with some “mysterious malady.” Charlotte employed the scientific method and tried to figure out the cause of the problem and hopefully, a cure. Her results were inconclusive. Things were getting worse with the infection, so Charlotte became even more determined to figure out what was going on. The adults/experts were not willing to listen to her ideas, so Charlotte was on her own. Charlotte formed a hypothesis, researched, tested it and figured out the problem! The illustrator utilizes a variety of mediums in order to create a warm feeling in the book that creates a sense of joy. The animals are cartoon-like and the artist managed to capture emotion that complements the story. The book ends with a glossary of scientific terms that budding young scientists will enjoy learning.

Straight Talk for Librarians: This is a great STEM book for young readers. The story focuses on a female scientist and convinces readers that science is important and exciting. It can also be fun. What a great message to share with young children who are still excited to learn about the world around them. Readers will be left with a sense of empowerment and determination. This is a great addition to a STEM center, can be paired with a non-fiction book on the scientific method and would also appeal to readers who like animal books. Finding the cure is a mystery, so it would also be a good recommendation for readers who enjoy mystery books.

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