Monday, January 6, 2020

Lesser Spotted Animals, written by Martin Brown, reviewed by Anneliese White

Summary: Ever hear of a Ili Pika? A Gaur? How about an Onager? The guess would be that these are new terms to most readers, and these three terms happen to be animals that can be found all over the world. In “Lesser Spotted Animals,” Brown does a fantastic job of showcasing 21 unique organisms, and supplies readers with interesting and important facts about them. Illustrated also by Brown, you get wonderful visuals of what these animals actually look like, as well as other funny cartoons to accompany the information. For each animal, you get a run down of their size, diet, location, fun facts, and how endangered they are. The information is supplemented by humorous quips, and overall, this book is appropriate for all interested readers, young and old.

Straight Talk for Librarians: Animal books are often a hit with students, and this book would especially be in high demand from your collection. Not only does it give a great biography on 21 unique animals around the world, it does so in a comical and interesting way. As an adult, I myself chuckled at Brown’s humorous illustrations and witty descriptions. His illustrations also showcase where the animals live on a world map which is super informative, and his biographies also give students an idea of whether or not each animal is endangered, and why their species may be threatened. Accompanied by a glossary, it holds the perfect balance of information, whimsy, and spectacular writing to captivate readers and be utilized for scientific lessons.

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